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Tattoos Cure Cancer
@ Eternal Art Tattoo November 3, 2013
Tattoos Cure Cancer


We all go through the same thing when it comes to getting a tattoo. The pain is the same. Why go through all that effort only to have your eternal art fade. Revita Ink is a great product line. I recommend it to patients with tattoos and even use it myself.

-Teresa Grossi, Dermatology NP – Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care. Valencia, Ca.

Revita Ink is filling a clear niche in our society. Everyone worries about aging in their face, but you forget about tattoos. I have many patients that have obviously paid thousands of dollars for their tattoos. I have begun carrying Revita Ink, and the product line has become a clear recommendation of mine for these patients.

-Dr. Shawn Abrishamy. – Clear Medical. Marina Del Rey, Ca

This is truly a unique product line and the science behind it is sound. I have many patients that come in with beautiful tattoos. I started asking them if they ever worry about fading. To my surprise just about all of them said yes and then asked if there is anything that can be done. I make sure to mention Revita Ink to all them now.

-Dr. Soheil Simzar

Saving Your Ink

Revita Ink specializes in the science of tattoo skin care. Revita Ink products are designed to enhance your tattoo’s color, brightness, and clarity by creating a healthy skin environment so your tattoo resists deterioration from environmental toxins, damaging sunlight, and aging. All products have been designed and developed by award winning dermatologist, Dr. Bernard Raskin.

  • Revita Ink products are made with medical grade ingredients
  • All products have been designed and developed by award winning dermatologist, Dr. Bernard Raskin
  • Revita products synergistically reduce the impact of free radicals by immersing all levels of your skin in antioxidants.

Interview with Dr. Raskin