Is Petroleum Jelly Bad for New Tattoos? The Petroleum Jelly Myth De-Bunked…

DSC_3063If you have gotten a tattoo in the past then most likely you have heard your artist tell you to avoid using Vaseline products on your tattoo while it is healing. The typical reason is that the Vaseline will dry out the tattoo.

We decided that it was time to shed some light on this matter. Remember, Vaseline is basically petroleum jelly. You might be surprised to find out that some of the typical products recommended by tattoo artists for after care are actually petroleum jelly based. Just to name a few, the main active ingredient in A&D Ointment and in Aquaphor is petroleum jelly.

Petroleum jelly can help in the protection barrier of healing tattoos, but it will not nourish the inked skin as to preserve it’s integrity and keep it looking beautiful for the long run. We recommend using a product that can actually penetrate the skin to provide moisture and antioxidant/anti-inflammatory ingredients. These ingredients are essential to effective tattoo healing as they help rebuild the structure and barriers of the skin. We recommend getting started with the Revita Ink Essential Bundle to keep your tattoo healthy.

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