Why do tattoos fade?

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Why do tattoos fade? Well there are two different parts of fading. There is a certain degree of natural fading which will happen as the¬¬ skin ages. This fading is somewhat inevitable and unavoidable. Then there is excess fading, which is the extra fading that occurs on top of your natural fading.

There are two key aspects behind excess fading. The first is sun damage. Sun damage causes excess skin aging which translates into excess fading. The second factor behind excess fading is inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s immune response towards the ink in the skin. The ink molecule is seen as a foreign object by the body and therefore triggers an immune response. The immune response targets the ink and tries to wash it out of the skin. The key is to effectively reduce the inflammation in the skin.

Revita Ink products are designed to specifically target all factors of ink fading. The product line focuses on the key elements behind the inflammation, therefore helping to prevent fading and loss of color. Revita Shield sunscreen is also made to help prevent fading while giving skin maximum protection against the sun. All products were developed by dermatologist, Dr. Bernard Raskin. For more information, visit www.RevitaInk.com.

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